About Erin

The pharmacist who wants you to get healthy without drugs.

Erin Pitkethly   BSc Phm, RPh

Registered Pharmacist, Low Carb Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer

Erin Pitkethly has been a registered pharmacist for 20 years. After studying low carb medicine for many years on her own, she was frustrated by seeing patients continually worsen when she knew they could have a positive result with a low carb approach. Erin trained as a nutritionist and did additional training in low carb medicine. She opened a clinic after seeing the incredible results that other clinicians were having with weight loss, diabetes reversal and pain management. She is the first pharmacist in Canada to open a pharmacist-led, whole foods low carb clinic. Erin is also a certified personal trainer.

Erin is the mom of two busy teenagers, and in her spare time, she enjoys hiking and snowshoeing. She is also a writer who has won awards for her essays, short stories and screen plays.

Erin is a member of Canadian Clinicians for Therapeutic Nutrition, a group of Canadian physicians and healthcare professionals who use evidence-based dietary intervention to improve, and when possible, reverse the symptoms of chronic, nutritionally-related diseases such as diabetes and obesity.